Swallow Creek Ranch

Historic Ranch


We feel very fortunate to call the Central Coast and Swallow Creek Ranch home. There is a rich history on this land that extends back millennia to Chumash settlements. In addition to deep human roots the land is home to a diverse population of flora and fauna. Some of these residents include a large colony of Monarch butterflies that cluster in eucalyptus trees during the winter. Several hundred Cliff Swallows migrate from Central America to nest on the property each year. A stream, named for these acrobatic flyers, meanders through the ranch.

We take our role as stewards of this land very seriously. A focus on habitat preservation and conservation is a priority. We have restored the riparian area and replanted 1000's of native plants. We work with US Fish and Wildlife Service to protect California Red-legged frogs and Western Pond Turtles, two species of special concern.  Swallow Creek Ranch is also a working cattle ranch. We focus on sustainable practices while raising hormone-free, grass fed beef.


We invite you to experience our ranch’s rich history, majestic scenery and impeccable service at one of our numerous special events or at your own private wedding or gathering.


We look forward to seeing you,

The Waddell-Grafton Family